From Amazon:

“Pipsie loves everything wild—from dragonflies to oceans to tall, tall trees. She also loves solving mysteries. That’s why she’s a nature detective! When she and her turtle, Alfred, notice that their new friend, Frannie the caterpillar, has vanished, Pipsie is on the case. She grabs her magnifying glass, goes to her tree-house headquarters, and begins to search for clues. It’s time to make this mystery history!

Bursting with personality, this engaging story introduces a spunky new girl detective, a scooter-driving turtle who loves to eat, and a string of simple scientific clues that will keep kids turning the pages until the mystery is solved. Two pages of nature fun facts at the end of the story offer even more information for young nature detectives.”

New author Rick DeDenato has a great start with this spunky character whose line, “Without a doubt, we’ll figure this out!” will get young detectives turning the pages to help Pipsie solve the mystery. Visit Pipsie at her website to learn additional facts and have some fun. Look for this title at your local library soon.